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Dig Or Die Nearing Final Release

It's been a long haul for Dig or Die, Gaddy Games' well-received open-world sandbox survival building game. First hitting digital shelves in March of 2015, the game has received favorable reviews over the past three years, and it's finally ready for the big one: version 1.0.

“Dig or Die has received an incredible feedback from the community since we launched the Early Access. It has now scored an average of 91% positive user reviews out of 2430 total, and has sold over 160000 units on Steam. I’m so grateful to all the early adopters. They have made my indie developer dream come true, and I am looking forward to hear back from the fans at launch on July 10“, says Nicolas Gadenne, founder of Gaddy Games.

Gaddy Games released a trailer for the upcoming full release, expected to hit Steam on 10th July, 2018, showing off a few of the new features to be implemented, including three new game modes - aquatic, aerial, and base defense - and a host of new random events, including a heat wave, flooding, meteor showers, volcanoes, acidic water, and more - 16 events in total that will trigger approximately once per day. Nine new tracks are also being added to the game's soundtrack, making for a more immersive digging (and dying) experience.

Check out the game's Steam page for more information or to pick up the game before ahead of its grand debut. To find out more about Dig or Die, check out Game Grin's first impressions in our preview here

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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Acelister - 08:53am, 22nd June 2018

The water physics in this look fantastic, I'm always a fan of games with realistic (even in a pixel sense) liquid physics.

Rasher - 03:30pm, 26th June 2018

I am so looking forward to the release of this

If you like games like Terraria or Starbound, its worth picking this up