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Digimon Survive New Gameplay Trailer

We've ventured into the Pokemon world too many times, and it is finally time for us to start our journey by exploring another universe with the "-mon" suffix, Digimon, with the latest game in the universe, Digimon Survive!

In the newest gameplay trailer, spanning 1:30 minutes, we get to see a look at some of the systems. First on the list is the way the game looks and how you can traverse the map, showcasing the world map, some dialogue, and scanning glitches in the overworld to attain clues and valuable items.

Next, the gameplay trailer covers how conversations will affect numerous aspects of your game — conversing with characters changes various factors in-game, including your karma, affinity, and digivolutions! Be wary of what you say, however, as once you've made a selection, you can't take it back!

Digimon Survive Gameplay Trailer 0 31 screenshot

Talking with friends and foes in battle will also yield benefits in any encounter. Talk to your friends to boost stats and HP to give you an edge in battle. Meanwhile, by choosing suitable options while conversing with enemies, you'll be able to make new friends!

Finally, the trailer showcases some combat sequences, including gear to increase your stats, items that can help you in a pinch, and — when the going gets tough — digivolutions! We get a quick glance at some of the digivolutions in-game and numerous flashy attacks.

If you're excited about Digimon Survive, make sure to check out to see some of these features in action! As for the game, it'll be released on the 29th of July of this year!

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