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Disney Speedstorm Announcement Trailer

Play as a selection from characters all across Disney and Pixar's numerous titles: race as Mulan, drunkenly drive through the tracks as Captain Jack Sparrow, go hard or go (home) to your castle with Beast from Beauty's the Beast, or even strike fear in the hearts of your enemies as James P. Sullivan.

Disney Speedstorm has features such as:

  • Characters from Disney and Pixar alike.
  • Customisation of karts.
  • Local or online VS: face off against players from around the globe.
  • Upgrades: better the race's stats and ability skills.
  • Pixar- and Disney-inspired maps.
  • Regularly added content: new Disney and Pixar racers, unique maps, customisation options, collectables, and more will be added.
  • Cross-platform play.

Disney Speedstorm will be racing into Nintendo Switch and PC alike, free-to-play, this summer.

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

Staff Writer

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