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Disney Speedstorm Launch Trailer and Information

A new Disney-themed game by Gameloft is barreling down the road and straight into Early Access — Disney Speedstorm! In this title, players will be able to choose from a roster of Disney and Pixar racers, and then jump into tracks inspired by beloved movies.

There are two ways to race: singleplayer or multiplayer. In solo play, players can either jump into the Local Freeplay — where the entire roster is available without having to unlock the characters first — or the Season Tour narrative, which is expected to renew every 6-8 weeks; this mode brings new racers, tracks, and karts for players to explore. For players who are looking for a more competitive setting, multiplayer offers multiple modes to explore: Local Freeplay, Private Track, Ranked Multiplayer, and Regulated Multiplayer.

Disney Speedstorm founders pack

Along with the Early Access release, the game has its first Golden Pass Season, which offers tons of season-based challenges — with both free and premium tiers — where players can unlock rewards. Season 1's theme is Monsters, Inc., which includes racers such as Sulley, Mike Wazowski, Randall, and Celia, and the "The Factory" track.

Check out the launch trailer here at GameGrin, and pick up the Disney Speedstorm Founder's Pack — available in standard, deluxe, and ultimate editions — on the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam!

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Artura Dawn
Artura Dawn - 10:30pm, 26th April 2023

Don't get me wrong — I WANT to want it, but it's just not worth the entry fee at the moment... especially not with the reception. I'm scared that this will suffer the DKO: Divine Knockout issue where there are slowly fewer and fewer players, and, suddenly, it's just not worth it. Maybe multiplayer games shouldn't enter Early Access.

Spooky_0ne - 02:03pm, 27th April 2023 Author

I completely agree! I feel it burns out the players who pay for an early access and gives the game a bad reputation due to its buggy, unbalanced state!