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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4 Patch 1.06 Released

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4 Patch 1.06 Released

The latest patch for the PlayStation 4 title Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now available and brings with it a number of new features and changes. 

The main takeaway is the additional of the newest stage, Orbonne Monastery from Final Fantasy Tactics. The movelists for characters has also been added to the title as well. Elsewhere, a number of balance adjustments have been made to some of the characters in the fighting game. 

You can read the patch notes below. 

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now on PlayStation 4.

Patch Notes

Added the “Orbonne Monastery” Stage

  • The “Orbonne Monastery” from Final Fantasy Tactics has been added as a new stage.

Made Balance Adjustments to Certain Characters

  • Emperor
  • Onion Knight
  • Cecil
  • Bartz
  • Tina
  • Cloud
  • Ultimecia
  • Vaan
  • Noctis
  • Ramza
  • Ace

Implemented Character Move Lists in the Game Itself

  • Move Lists can be checked from the following screens:
    • Three-person Briefing screen (only for the character in use)
    • Battle pause screen in Offline Mode (only for the character in use)
    • Tutorial
    • Customize

Character Description Changes

  • The contents of character descriptions have been changed to focus on battle characteristics.

Fixed Miscellaneous Bugs

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