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Don't Miss the Massive Dragon Age Sale on Steam!

Don't Miss the Massive Dragon Age Sale on Steam!

We saw a fresh glimpse of the newest addition to the Dragon Age franchise back in Summer Game Fest and with its gameplay trailer, Dragon Age: Veilguard has succeeded in at least one thing: making many gamers want to play the original trilogy. If you find yourself in this glorious group, be it to experience the series for the first time or to refresh those memories, we have some great news: all titles in the franchise are currently on sale on Steam!


The sale encompasses the ultimate or Game of the Year editions of the three mainline titles, which means all of the DLC is included:

  • Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition
    • Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
    • Nine content packs
      • The Stone Prisoner, introducing a new character
      • Warden's Keep, giving players a fortress of their own
      • Return to Ostagar, allowing players to see the results of the battle of Ostagar
      • Festday Gifts and Festday Pranks, giving players items with which to affect their allies' affection level both positively and negatively.
      • The Darkspawn Chronicles, a standalone adventure where you play as a Darkspawn.
      • Leliana's Song, a prequel to the story wherein players learn more of Leliana's past
      • The Golems of Amgarrak, a journey into the depths of the Dwarven Thaig's
      • Witch Hunt, the final chapter in the Dragon Age: Origins story
  • Dragon Age II Ultimate Edition
    • The Exiled Prince, following the story of Sebastian Vael
    • Legacy, exploring the history of the Hawke family
    • Mark of the Assassin, adding a new party member
    • Multiple themed armour sets
    • Unique weapons, armour, and items
    • The High-Resolution Texture Pack
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition
    • Flames of the Inquisition Arsenal, Armor, and Armored Mount
    • The Skyhold Throne cosmetic item, the Red Hart Halla and Bog Unicorn mounts
    • Jaws of Hakkon DLC Pack, exploring the previous Inquisitor's history
    • The Descent DLC Pack, investigating recent massive earthquakes ravaging Thedas
    • Trespasser DLC Pack, the final chapter in Dragon Age: Inquisition and the leadup to Veilguard.
    • Spoils of the Avvar: Five new mounts, two new sets of armour, and new Skyhold cosmetics
    • Spoils of the Qunari: An armoured war mount, new armour sets, and Skyhold items.

The Dragon Age Sale is running until the 27th of June, check out the sale on Steam!

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