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DOOMBLADE Release Trailer

Gloom Girl is the last of the Gloomfolk. Hidden away in the lowland caves, she one day hears a whisper from the sentient weapon — the DOOMBLADE — as they join forces to fight back their captors and get vengeance against the Dread Lords.

DOOMBLADE is a 2D metroidvania in which you will take control of the last of your kind and fight back gargantuan bosses! These eldritch monstrosities in the Lowlands had ensnared and captured the DOOMBLADE, but with Gloom Girl at its side, they will both seek revenge and bring them down. Find the demonic shrines to restore the DOOMBLADE's power and battle enemies from the Gloomhaunt to the New Wilderwood forest and even the Molded Mines! Use precision to aim your attacks in the right direction and fight against enemies whilst airborne in this unique take of a metroidvania title.

DOOMBLADE out now platforms Steam Epic Games GOG

This high-octane title has everything — a unique movement mechanic, immersive story and lore, several dozen monsters, over a hundred collectibles, and four endings to attain. Can you get it all? Find out now, with DOOMBLADE out now on PC!

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Artura Dawn

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