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Dying Light Launches a Rust-Themed Crossover Event

The Rust crossover event for Techland's zombie action-RPG Dying Light is already underway on PC, and it will run until the 26th April. Check out the trailer above to see what players can expect from this unlikely pairing of games.

In addition to a  completely free Rust Weapon Pack for the game, which gives players an array of Rust-centric weapons and gear (detailed below) with which to slay foes, the crossover will also bring more playable content and community-based elements to Dying Light. Players will face all-new opponents as they collect Research Bounties for Gold Blueprints, which will let them upgrade their all-new Rust gear. They will also work collaboratively alongside other Dying Light players, claiming Air Drops, defeating bandits and raiding Rais' outposts to earn exclusive C4 Dockets.

The Rust event for Dying Light will run until the 26th April on PC.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

Raised on a steady diet of violent shooters and sugary cereal. He regrets no part of this

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