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Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets New Trailer and Western Release

Dynasty Warriors 9 got a new action-packed trailer along with the good news that a Western release is set for early 2018. 

The latest entry in the series will include plenty of content and the released trailer introduces us to the game's story, character and locations, along with highlighting the brand-new State Combo system. Players will be able to use Flow Attacks to create move-set combos that change depending on the enemy's position and can continue even when an enemy is stunned or even in mid-air. Reactive Attacks are extremely versatile and allow for dash attacks, assaults and counterattacks to be preformed along with guard breaks and finish moves. Lastly Trigger Attacks are powerful moves that completely change an enemy's state.

All of these can of course be changed depending on the combination of the buttons pressed during a fight. This should allow for players to develop a combo list that suits their playstyle. Throw in countless amounts of enemies to beat down and you have the makings of a solid entry in the series. 

Dynasty Warriors 9 will release early 2018 in the West for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

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