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Eastasiasoft Partner With VGNYsoft To Release Select Physical Titles In NA

Eastasiasoft Partner With VGNYsoft To Release Select Physical Titles In NA

The first physical title to be introduced, for PlayStation 4, to North America after the recent partnership between Eastasiasoft and VGNYsoft is here: One Finger Death Punch 2. If ever you wanted to test your limits against endless barrages of enemies, nothing but you and the bloodied bodies you leave behind, now is your chance.


Game Press’ report shows that those included in the lineup will be “entirely different from their Asian-produced Limited Editions exclusively offered through Playasia and will not duplicate those titles.” It continues to state; “Our venture with Eastasiasoft is a critical part of an ongoing effort to expand their operations in the Western market and allow more development partners to enjoy physical representation that would not be possible through their traditional channels.”

One Finger Death Punch 2 marks the first across this promising bridge between East and West gaming. New York based VGNYsoft already has an ongoing focus with indie developers, many listed on the company’s blog. Accessibility for gaming has become so much easier in the last two decades and this partnership is another step in the right direction, strengthening our community across the globe.



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