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Egosoft reveals next chapter of X4: Tides of Avarice

Egosoft has released new details about X4: Tides of Avarice including new ships and factions from the pirate and scavenger factions. Some highlights include the following:

  • The Erlking, a terrifying pirate battleship with an experimental and unusual energy source, has been developed over many years by the Riptide Rakers, at great cost to their resources and lives, in a desperate attempt to take advantage of stellar phenomena in the Avarice system. In X4: Tides of Avarice, players will find out more about these curious events as they upgrade the Erlking using research and resources acquired during their adventures.
  • The Astrid, an incredibly lavish and luxurious yacht, projects wealth and importance. Owned by the CEO of the Northriver Company, Brantlee Northriver, it is rumoured to be the fastest ship in the galaxy.

Players will be able to salvage shipwrecks to recycle resources. Players will be able to either tow the wreck with one of the new tug ships, or dismantle the wreck right where it was found using a new deconstruction ship. Once players have reached a station equipped with a recycling module, they can turn the scrap metal into building resources.

With the X4: Foundations 5.00 updatenew capital ships will be available and factions in the game will gradually start to use the new and improved ships. The 5.00 update will also bring AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) to X4: Foundations, using a collection of cutting-edge upscaling technologies to boost performance.

Further details about X4: Tides of Avarice, as well as the 5.00 update for X4: Foundations, will be released over the next few months as we get closer to the release date.

Joshua (Shnook)

Joshua (Shnook)

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