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Elite Dangerous: Horizons To Be Made Free

Elite Dangerous: Horizons To Be Made Free

Frontier Developments have announced a major free update for the long running space epic, Elite Dangerous. The rich season of content involved in Horizons will be folded into the base game for free for all Elite Dangerous owners.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons brought planetary landings to the Elite: Dangerous galaxy back in 2015, together with weapon crafting, ship-launched fighters and exhilarating multicrew co-op action. This premium expansion also allowed players to put wheels on the ground and explore the galaxy up-close with the SRV Scarab ground vehicle, and access to many surface starports and other locations.

Owners of the Horizons expansion before the fold-in date will get the Azure paint job, which is compatible with all 41 ships currently available in-game.

Anaconda LRPO Azure Stars 1920

Elite Dangerous: Horizons will become free for all owners of Elite: Dangerous on 27th October 2020, on all platforms.

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