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Embrace the Magic of Destruction in Fictorum, Available Now on PC

Embrace the Magic of Destruction in Fictorum, Available Now on PC

Moderated magic is for the weak! That’s the idea behind Fictorum, a new game out by Scraping Bottom Games. Released for the PC, Fictorum intends to allow magic users to put their skills to the ultimate use, absolute mayhem and destruction. Let your magic run wild in this action RPG.

Ever wanted to level a castle? Check. Be a one person magical army strong enough to take down an evil empire in one fell swoop? Check. Be able to customize your magic using runes in order to either use lightning or ice to “literally shape your destruction”? Oh absolutely check. Then it looks like Fictorum is a game for you.


This game is currently available on Steam and GOG. So if you like choosing your own adventure, absolute destruction, having various different spells to cast, and the ability to revisit your past exploits, then give this game a look. You’re not a wizard yet… but you can be the wizard of your dreams now!



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Acelister - 09:05pm, 9th August 2017

This looks freaking sweet.

ElisaDS - 09:08pm, 9th August 2017 Author

I won't say I like to play games for unbridled chaos...... but I kind of want this game for that reason... :D 

pucechan - 09:37pm, 9th August 2017

This does look a lit of fun! Who doesn't like exploding things into lots of pieces!!!

ElisaDS - 11:31pm, 9th August 2017 Author

Exactly! And with magic. 

dominoid - 02:59pm, 10th August 2017

Lots of explosions, and the developer's name is slightly amusing (it says bottom, hehe). What's not to love?