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Endure the Disease-Ridden World of The Last Plague: Blight

Original Studios has announced their debut title The Last Plague: Blight will have a brand new demo for eager players to get hands on during the Steam Next Fest from 3rd to the 13th of February. The Last Plague: Blight is an immersive open-world, survival game set after a disease of unknown origin called the Blight wiped out a large majority of human life, forcing your character to escape the pandemic by living in an isolated part of the wilderness.

To stay alive, you must cook, craft and gather materials with each action serving a purpose and consequences to your survivability. Including a day and night cycle, you have to use dwindling daylight to complete daily routines and plan for tomorrow as the darkness of the night shades predators and wild animals that are also trying to survive. With each passing day, will the plague reach your last haven, or will a bad decision take your life? Eventually, you’ll become tough enough and well prepared to uncover the mysterious source of the Blight and eradicate it for good to save humanity.

Between deadly animals chewing on your leg to dying of infection due to said animal chewing on your leg, the procedurally generated worlds will test your resolve as harsh weather conditions come intermittently to wreak havoc on the wilderness. And with all this going on, you still have to keep wellbeing in check. Hunger, thirst and your health will be your first priority to give the player an authentic survival experience that strives on punishing realism, immersion, and depth.

While The Last Plague: Blight's demo will have the fundamentals of the game, future features of the full title include co-op multiplayer, detailed player customisation, building mechanics and much more.

Bennett Perry

Bennett Perry

Staff Writer

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