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Enjoy the New Free Valentine's Day Holiday Pack in House Party Now!

To celebrate Valentine's Day, House Party developer and publisher Eek! Games is sharing a brand-new DLC making its debut and bringing with it a slew of new decorations, accessories, and more! Much like the Halloween Holiday Pack and the Winter Holiday Pack before it, the newly released Valentine's Day Holiday Pack is a free overhaul of Madison's house, including Valentine's-Day-themed decorations and outfits.

The house is filled with petals, new decorations, and clothing accessories for the party-goers. Rose petals, balloons, a billion (the patch note's words, not ours) candles, and a Valentine's Sheet and Pillow Set await you in Madison's house, ready for all forms of non-alcohol-induced fun (we must abide by Frank's rules, after all). Meanwhile, there are five new accessories that the party-goers will be able to wear, including Angel Wings, Valentine's Halo and Headband, Heart Glasses, and a Valentine's Choker.

House Party Valentines Day Holiday Pack Trailer 0 9 screenshot

The reason this update, in particular, is special is due to the character customisation overhaul that was released in December. Now, with all of the new decorations being included in this DLC pack, you can change any of the party-goers to have any of the five new Valentine's-Day-themed items. This will enrich the customisation and give you the opportunity to turn anyone you want into your own personal angel (as before we were able to do to devils thanks to the Halloween Holiday Pack).

If you want to get all of these items and enjoy House Party with brand-new decorations and looks, then make sure you pick up the free Valentine's Day Holiday Pack DLC! And if you're the type of person who doesn't like their friends list seeing what sort of debauchery you get to on your quiet hours (don't worry; I'm the same way, too), then check out how to private individual games on Steam

Pick up the Valentine's Day Holiday Pack DLC for free now.

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