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Epic Games to Handle Shenmue III Kickstarter Refunds

Epic Games to Handle Shenmue III Kickstarter Refunds

In a tweet on 2nd July, 2019, Epic Games found and CEO, Tim Sweeny announced that Epic Games will be handling the costs of all the Kickstarter refunds for Shenmue III. This is a direct result of a previous announcement that Shenmue III will now be exclusively sold on the Epic Games Store much to many players dismay. As a result of Epic Games' actions, the developers of Shenmue III will not have their funding reduced from handling refunds. 

"When future games go Epic-exclusive after offering crowdfunding rewards on other PC stores," stated Sweeny, "we’ll either coordinate with colleagues at the other stores to ensure key availability in advance, or guarantee refunds at announcement time."

Joshua (Shnook)

Joshua (Shnook)

Staff Writer

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