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Explore the Retro-Futuristic World of Retro-Machina

Explore the Retro-Futuristic World of Retro-Machina

Take control of a worker drone robot as you crawl out of the junkyard and explore the desolate and weird lands outside of Endeavor City to try to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the humans in this world now inhabited by robots. 

This futuristic yet retro feeling puzzle-action game is developed by Orbit Studio and Super.com. Influenced by authors like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, Retro Machina takes place over four different biomes where you explore, solve puzzles and defeat dangerous enemies and powerful bosses that get in your way using your ability to hack other robots to make them do your bidding. 

Get the answers to uncover the truth behind what happened to the humans, because who will be able to fix the robots when everything breaks down. 

Retro Machina is now available on Windows PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

retro machina

Alana Dunitz

Alana Dunitz

Staff Writer

Lover of cats, coffee and all kinds of video games! With a soft spot for retro and import games.

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