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Fabledom Adds Gallantry and Bartering With New Update & Trailer

Fabledom just received a brand new update with two new features: Gallantry and Bartering.

These systems will help add more nuance to the game, as players’ relationships with rulers will influence the outcome of the newly minted trading system. Diplomacy is now more important than ever.

Along with these mechanics, Fabledom has also added new building designs such as embassies, coops, and puppet theatres.

Last, but not least, players can look forward to a new character: Bard Prince Ramone. Get ready to work on your foreign affair skills!

Fabledom is currently “once upon a timing” on Steam Early Access, with more updates lined up for the near future.

Tina Vatore

Tina Vatore

Staff Writer

“That's what I'm here for: to deliver unpleasant news and witty one-liners."

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