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Fallout 76: Fallout Worlds! Out Now

Fallout 76 is here with its newest update, Fallout Worlds! Fallout Worlds offers players a brand new way to explore Appalachia. Vault Dwellers have been given the tools to build and customize Appalachia into their own world. Fallout World introduces Custom Mode for Fallout 1st Players and Public Worlds, designed by the Bethesda Game Studios team. 

Custom Mode, available to only Fallout 1st players, has an array of different customizations:

  • Proximity Spawner: Spawn creatures around you during your game
  • Unlimited Ammunition: Combine unlimited ammo and no reload for an endless stream of destruction
  • Weather Effects Controller: Control the environment by enabling fog, nuclear radiation, or even Quantum Storms
  • Gravity Settings: Enable ragdoll physics, turn on varying jumping heights, and turn off fall damage

Public Worlds are curated pre-worlds that have a little bit of everything Custom Mode offers and can be experienced by everyone. For more details on what Fallout Worlds is about, check out the Fallout Worlds launch trailer! 


Kasey B Burgess

Kasey B Burgess

Staff Writer

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