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Fear the Wolves Early Access Drops Late July

Those of you who have yet to actually get physically sick after hearing the two words "Battle Royale" are in luck - early access for Fear the Wolves will be available later this month on Steam.

Let's be honest, there is little variation between many battle royale games at the moment, but here Vostok Games is bringing something different. For those unaware, it will drop you into a devastated Chernobyl with 99 other players. But it's not only them that you have to contend with - the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. inspired setting brings about its own environment changes (PvE) as the match wears on.

You'll have to fend off the likes of hostile animals and mutants, and fend off the growing radiation levels either with a gas mask, or ignoring its potentially mind-affecting properties. Getting to the extraction helicopter is the aim of the game, another difference from the usual "kill everyone to win". At least the more bodies you have, the more places the radiation can be absorbed...right?

The E3 trailer is above if you want to see a bit of the action. Look out for the early access exclusively on Steam on July 18th. Full release on PC and consoles is looking like 2019.

James Martin

James Martin

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