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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Announced

Kicking off the 2018 Las Vegas Fan Fest for Final Fantasy XIV, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida took to the stage to announce the next expansion for the popular MMO in the form of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringer

Releasing in early summer of 2019, this new expansion will bring a lot of new content to the title and continue the rich and epic story that has been developing for five years now. The story will involve the Warrior of Light joining up with the six allied nations to battle against the Garlean Empire and follow a conflict that would give rise to a possible world-ending calamity. The above teaser trailer gives a few hints to the story which will also be teased within the upcoming 4.5 patch. 

Elsewhere in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringer players will be able to enjoy a number of exciting new features including: 

  • Multiple new jobs
  • The level cap raising from 70 to 80
  • TP and MP will be consolidated in 'MP'
  • New areas to explore including the Rak-Tika Greatwood and Amh Araeng
  • New Primals and Beast Tribes
  • Nine new dungeons
  • A new high-level raid series
  • A new alliance raid series
  • End-game content for the Disciples of Land and Hand which will include the restoration of Ishgard
  • A new 'Trust' system will allow for NPCs to join a dungeon
  • New Game+ will allow players to replay the Main Scenario Quest from other expansions at their current level
  • A new playable race
  • A new 'World Visit' system will allow players to teleport between worlds within the same data center

Though a number of interesting announcements, this is not everything. The team will be releasing more information on Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbrings at the upcoming Fan Fest events in Paris and Tokyo next year ahead of the expansions released. On top of all that, there were a number of announcements including: 

  • Support for 32-bit Windows is being dropped 
  • NA and EU data centers will be regrouped with a new data center opening in each region. Free world transfers will be provided
  • The collector's Edition will include artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbrings is planned to release in early summer 2019 but those looking to jump into the MMO now and join 14 million players can do so on PC, Mac and PlayStation 4. 

Nikki Koolonavich

Nikki Koolonavich

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