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FINISHED - GameGrin Game Giveaway - Win Hard Reset Redux

FINISHED - GameGrin Game Giveaway - Win Hard Reset Redux

We're giving one lucky follower the chance to win a Steam key for Hard Reset Redux!

All you have to do is reply to this post using the comments section below, and we'll select a random winner! You do not need an account to make a comment, and we will contact you via the email address given if you have won! The competition closes 4pm GMT 23rd November 2020.

We will not pass your information on to third parties.

We are not responsible if keys are already taken or not working.

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PR Liaison

Jess has been a passionate gamer since a young age. She likes to read and partake in theatre groups as acting is her second passion.

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Shannon Palmer
Shannon Palmer - 04:08pm, 19th November 2020

My son would love this surprise for Christmas. Fingers crossed, thanks!

Delicious Bacon
Delicious Bacon - 07:57pm, 19th November 2020

Jessica, have you played this one? Is there too much blur and camera shaking?


Jessica - 10:32am, 20th November 2020 Author

Hi Delicious Bacon! Unfortunately, I have not tried this, but Anton Entaro commented below saying that "Motion Blur can be turned of via In-Game options or via the GPU menu".

Hope this helps!

Anton Entaro
Anton Entaro - 04:08am, 20th November 2020

Motion Blur can be turned of via In-Game options or via the GPU menu.

PandaZ1L74 - 04:54am, 20th November 2020

let me try   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jessica - 10:37am, 20th November 2020 Author

Hi PandaZ1L74! Unfortunately, you haven't attached an email address to your account so we would not be able to contact you if you won. If you would like us to attach an email address to your profile (only we can see this) then head on over to the Contact Us page and send us your email via there!

If you have any further enquiries please feel free to let me know!

Alishia Espinosa
Alishia Espinosa - 12:47am, 21st November 2020

Great looking game!

Jessica - 04:03pm, 23rd November 2020 Author

Congratulations to PandaZ1L74! I will be contacting you with the game code.