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First Major EVERSPACE 2 Update

First Major EVERSPACE 2 Update

EVERSPACE 2, released into early access in January by Rockfish Games, just received its first major content update titled Contracts/Hinterland. The update features new missions, a new player ship, a new companion, new weapons, new units and several quality of life as well as performance improvements .

The biggest part of the update is a new multi-stage smuggling mission taking place in the second star system, Union. This mission will have players deliver highly volatile cargo encouraging stealthy approach and it also features the new companion, Elek.

The new player ship class is a heavy fighter, Bomber. It is a demolition expert featuring abilities to convert hostile mines, repair it’s armor based on damage dealt and an ultimate capable of a lot of destruction in a large area.

Another notable change to the game is a new music direction aiming for a broader appeal and in the form of various tracks being added or improved. It is described as '80s electronic pop music with some modern EDM vibes and “the right fit for a fast-paced, arcadey spaceship looter-shooter at its core with optional exploration and other activities on the side.”

EVERSPACE 2 is available on GoG.com and Steam Early Access.



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