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First Two DLC Packs For Strange Brigade Launch Today

Strange Brigade, the co-op action adventure that's basically pulpy 1950's radio serials brought to modern gaming hardware has just dropped its first two slices of DLC.

In terms of story content, the ominously titled The Thrice Damned Part 1: Isle Of The Dead is the first of three new campaigns. It promises schlocky fun where our intrepid adventurers are the only ones who can stop a mysterious plague deep in the Mediterranean. 

New characters, weapons, and abilities are available in The American Aviatrix Pack, which introduces the infamous "Rebel of the Skies" Tessie Caldwell, three new weapons, and a new special ability.

Both DLCs are available to purchase and play individually, or included as part of Strange Brigade's season pass. Check out our review of the main game here.

Andrew Wowk

Andrew Wowk

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