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Fleet Carriers Finally Arrive Later This Year In Elite: Dangerous

Frontier have revealed what we should expect from Elite: Dangerous' minor update in September and teased a small part of what is to come in December.

Revealed so far for the September update is a completely redone training experience for new players. Replacing the disconnected series of training missions is a new in-ship experience that will include new voice work and takes a player through all the basic operations required to survive out in the black from the comfort of their own starting craft.

Taking a new player through ship control to combat scenarios around a megaship before finally getting them to dock. Veterans who want to experience this will be able to access it from the existing training menu in the cockpit.

Also revealed was the addition of a second in-game currency. Called Arx it is a replacement for the existing Frontier Points system and will become the main way of buying cosmetic items like Paint Jobs and Bobbleheads across all platforms.

As well as being purchasable for real money, players will also earn Arx by completing activities they already perform in-game, giving them the ability to earn cosmetics through gameplay.

Along with the new currency are some major changes to how the Livery system works, most Paint Jobs will now be available individually rather than requiring whole pack purchases and you will now be able to change your ship's appearance from the main menu. This should be a big help for those explorers who'd like a change of look but are three weeks away from a station.

The December update is a little more vague but we do know that Fleet Carriers will finally arrive by the end of the year.

Originally due to arrive with the Squadrons feature late last year, Fleet Carriers are a kind of mobile base that players will be able to use to aid organisation and communication. Since their reveal last year there has been radio silence on the feature but during Lavecon 2019 Frontier finally released a teaser showing they are still coming and are due in the December update.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown

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