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Fortnite 2 Appears To Have Been Leaked

Fortnite 2 Appears To Have Been Leaked

Given its consistent popularity, a sequel to 2017’s extremely popular free-to-play battle royale title Fortnite isn’t exactly something fans were expecting to see in the near future. However, a supposed leak on the Italian Apple App Store appears to suggest that it might not be too far away after all.

The source comes from several users of Twitter and Reddit, along with screenshots to help prove its legitimacy. While this may not seem like the most trustworthy source for a leak, the sheer volume of users vouching for it makes it seem like much more than a simple ruse.

While being listed under the original Fortnite on the Italian store, the screenshots being shared shows images of a title called Fortnite Capitolo 2, with “capitlolo” translating to “chapter” in English.


Information for the title is currently limited, but some new potential features have been spotted by keen-eyed fans just from the artwork alone. These include new default skins for the characters, boats for traversing water, and a potential entirely new map.

A livestream commemorating the end of Fornite’s 10th season titled “The End” will be airing on 13th October at 7pm.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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Veldt Falsetto
Veldt Falsetto - 04:28pm, 12th October 2019


I wonder what improvements they can make to the game with Fortnite 2 and whether or not they can catch that same lightning in a bottle. Battle Royale games are kinda on a decline now and while Fortnite itself is still huge who knows.

Acelister - 03:00pm, 15th October 2019

Huh, seems that leak was 100% right.

franjaff - 03:26pm, 15th October 2019 Author

Feels good