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Fracked - nDreams' Next Project Announced as a PlayStation VR Exclusive

Following yesterday's teasing, nDreams, developer of Phantom: Covert Ops, has unveiled Fracked, its upcoming VR shooter with a focus on fluid movement mechanics.

Where Phantom: Covert Ops was a kayak-based title exclusive to the Oculus store, Fracked will be a climbing and skiing-based title exclusive to PlayStation VR. What's more, it's set for release this summer. Check out the game's delightfully silly, action-packed teaser trailer above, set to Dean Martin's rendition of "Let it Snow".

While it will be a PlayStation VR exclusive, it appears that Fracked will not be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, instead offering an "enhanced" version for those playing on Sony's premier platform.

Fracked will release exclusively for PlayStation VR in summer 2021.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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djd4ws0n - 09:31am, 4th March 2021

Genuinely saddened this is a PSVR exclusive!