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Galactic Civilizations III Now Available

Galactic Civilizations III Now Available

Released by Stardock on May 14, 2015, Galactic Civilizations III is a space strategy game which gives players absolute control of an empire. With 20+ years of experience, Stardock uses its collective knowledge to continue and expand one of the highest-rated strategy franchises of all time.

As the absolute ruler of the empire, players have complete control over culture, trade, diplomacy, ideology, and military. What areas are focused and what paths are taken are entirely up to the player. And with each category having its advantage and weakness, players need to be careful about the distribution of their resources. Having the most gold and a robust culture usually mean nothing when your neighbors come knocking with a superior army.

The game also provides major improvements to both the franchise and the genre. The most obvious one is the sheer size of the play area. Galactic Civilizations III is known as both the largest and most diverse sandbox strategy sandbox to date. This coupled with the game being mod-friendly gives modders a lot of material and space to work. This results in added content from the player community and widens the playerbase.

For fans of the space or strategy genre, Galactic Civilizations III is an experience definitely worth checking out. 



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