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GameGrin's Game of the Year 2022

GameGrin's Game of the Year 2022

Earlier this month our GrinCast podcasters discussed and decided upon the most best games of 2022! First, they covered Old Game of The Year, Biggest Surprise, Best Remaster/Remake, Best Sequel, Best New Character, Best Accessibility, Best Debut Game, Most Anticipated, and Best Indie. Next, they covered Best Soundtrack, Best Visuals, Best Story, Best Multiplayer, Best Studio, GameGrin Game of the Year. So if you'd like to hear why they chose which titles they did, go and listen to the podcasts! If you'd rather just find out who won what, read on.

The prizes are, from left to right, Gold, Silver and Bronze. You can also click on each award to find out more about each title!

Old Game of the Year

221 Old GOTY222 Old GOTY223 Old GOTY

Biggest Surprise

221 Biggest Surprise222 Biggest Surprise223 Biggest Surprise

Best Remaster or Remake

221 Best Remake Remaster222 Best Remake Remaster223 Best Remake Remaster

Best Sequel

221 Best Sequel222 Best Sequel223 Best Sequel

Best New Character

221 Best New Character222 Best New Character223 Best New Character

Best Accessibility

221 Accessibility222 Accessibility223 Accessibility

Best Debut

221 Best Debut Game222 Best Debut Game223 Best Debut Game

Most Anticipated

221 Anticipated222 Anticipated223 Anticipated

Best Soundtrack

221 Best Soundtrack222 Best Soundtrack223 Best Soundtrack

Best Visuals

221 Best Visuals222 Best Visuals223 Best Visuals

Best Multiplayer

221 Best Multiplayer222 Best Multiplayer223 Best Multiplayer

Best Story

221 Best Story222 Best Story223 Best Story

Best Studio

221 Studio222 Studio223 Studio

Best Indie

221 Best Indie222 Best Indie223 Best Indie

And now what you've all been waiting for:

GameGrin Game of the Year

221 GOTY222 GOTY223 GOTY

5. Cult of the Lamb
6. Loot River
7. Hardspace: Shipbreaker
8. Ghostwire: Tokyo
9. God of War Ragnarok
10. Expeditions: Rome

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Game of the Year
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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Alana - 12:39am, 3rd January 2023

Rogue Legacy 2 is such a good game! I keep going back to it to see the crazy attributes my ancestors have!