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Get an Early Unlock with Cult of the Lamb's Twitch Drops

Get an Early Unlock with Cult of the Lamb's Twitch Drops

Cult of the Lamb recently has had a very successful day with the release of their Sins of the Flesh free content update alongside their third cosmetic-focused DLC, Sinful Pack! But Massive Monster isn't done with the good news just yet.

Also announced alongside the release of these two items is their now-available Twitch Drops event! You'll be able to unlock a total of three base decorations in the form of Gnomes to decorate your cult grounds even more! Pea, Owe, and Geeh are all going to be available for you to acquire for a limited time.

Pea, Owe, and Geeh mark the fifth Twitch Drops event to happen in Cult of the Lamb, as these three Gnomes will be available for you to be able to pick them up. If you can't join streamers or don't want to partake, then don't worry — the Gnomes will be available at a later date publicly.

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The Twitch drops started on the 12th of January and will be going on until the 20th of January at 6:59 AM UTC, after which point, you'll have to wait to get Pea, Owe, and Geeh for when they release publicly. Also worth noting is that if you are a console player, you will not be able to claim the rewards, as these are only available in the Steam PC version of the game.

How to Earn Pea, Owe, and Geeh and Claim Your Twitch Drops

image 2024 01 17 141144370

If you haven't already joined in on the other five Twitch drop events, or don't know how to link your account, then we've got you covered! First, you'll need to connect your Twitch account by going to this link and authorising the connection. After this, you can join the streamers playing Cult of the Lamb who have the DropsEnabled tag in order to earn points. 

When you have earned enough, you will get a prompt at the top of the Twitch navigation to go to your Drops Inventory, where you can claim your rewards. You should get your rewards via email to the account that your Twitch is connected to within 72 hours.

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