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Get Ready to Clean GUP-14 In Loddlenaut, Available Now with Launch Trailer!

Congratulations, Loddlenaut, you've been assigned to GUP-14, a planet that is in dire need of your help after a mega-corporation named GUPPI polluted its deep seas. Now, it's time to clean up their mess and restore the echo systems to their once-luscious past!

Loddlenaut is a short, cosy title wherein you'll be tasked with cleaning the sea with a slew of futuristic underwater tools! The launch trailer gives an overview of everything you're going to need in order to complete your quest — from the bubble gun to the puddle scrubber, you'll use everything at your disposal to clean plastics, goop, and even microplastics that pollute the ocean.

Recycle, clean, and save the local fauna — the Loddles — and turn them into your pets as you watch them evolve and change. As you clean some of the open-world areas throughout GUP-14 and reduce the pollution level, you'll see these cute creatures being freed from the goop that has overtaken their bodies, and it will give you a satisfying feeling of completion.

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Early adopters of the title will also be able to get it at a discount, reducing the price from the standard £15.99 (or $19.99) to £14.39 (or $17.99) until the 21st of November, giving you some more time before the discount is finally over. What's more, with each purchase of the game, the publisher Secret Mode has vowed to donate £0.05 to the WDC — Whale and Dolphin Conservation. This pledge will be available for all game sales over the next three years until 2026, meaning that your money is also contributing to a good cause.

What are you waiting for, Loddlenaut? It's time to get started and embark on an adventure throughout GUP-14 and save the ocean, the adorable creatures, and contribute to a good cause. Loddlenaut is out on Steam now and ready to depart!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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