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Get Your Loot Sacks Ready for the Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power Announcement Trailer!

Have you ever wanted to have the ever-changing exploration of a roguelike dungeon crawler, but really wanted to do it while fighting a horde of beasties? Well want no more, as Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power by OrangePixel may be just what you've been looking for! Featuring hours of gameplay and countless weapon combinations, the game promises to provide hours of dungeon crawling and bullet shooting fun!

Each dungeon of Gauntlet of Power is randomly generated, including the enemies you fight, the items you find, and the bosses you encounter! Each venture should be a completely unique experience, with five base weapons and nine special combos and union weapons to find! Each, naturally, upgradeable in strength. Featuring six dungeons to delve, over 14 bosses to fell, 4 playable classes, and a final boss-of-all-bosses to best, there is a lot to do, so get those exploration boots on!

Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power launches in June on PC via Steam. A Nintendo Switch and Atari VCS release will be available in Q4 2024.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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