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God Eater 3 Announced With Debut Trailer

Bandai Namco has released the debut trailer for the next installment in the God Eater series, God Eater 3

This time around, the world is no longer what it used to be, as the Aragamis are now raging around the world causing misery and destruction. The God Eaters must take up arms and hunt them down, re-establish a new balance and break free from their cursed shackles. The trailer shows us a short sample of gameplay with some stunning visuals. The story is also hinted at a small amount in the trailer but it's unclear as to what is unfolding. 

No release date has yet been given for God Eater 3

Nikholai Koolonavich

Nikholai Koolonavich

Staff Writer

Enjoys long walks on the Paleozoic beach.

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