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GOG Weekend Promo: The Story Inventory

GOG Weekend Promo: The Story Inventory

GOG have yet another bunch of games they're giving away for up to 90% discount this weekend, until 16th February at 4:59 AM GMT!

If you like adventure games, then you're in for an adventure ride, as there are 34 titles up for grabs -- and if you want them all it will cost you £118.57 instead of £428.67!

Of course, you might not want to grab all of them, or may even own some of the DRM-Free gems. Gems like:

  • Deponia £13.79 £2.09
  • Blackguards Special Edition £34.99 £3.59
  • Blackguards 2 £23.99 £4.89
  • Randal's Monday £14.99 £4.59
  • The Last Tinker: City of Colors £13.79 £2.79
  • Loads and loads more!

Head over here for these, or any of the others!

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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