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Guild Wars 2 Celebrates 6 Years Of Story

ArenaNet have produced a new video that showcases how their approach to storytelling has evolved over the last six years of content and how that's solidified into their current Living World style.

Having released 37 episode of Living World content across four seasons they explain they've doubled the size of the game whilst also improving it with new features and under the hood changes. The current episode of Season 4 bringing with it a new Roller Beetle mount which is the first to debut via a Living World episode.

The video also teases things to come in the latter part of Season 4 including a return to a settlement of note from the original Guild Wars and much more.

Current Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire players can continue their adventures in active Living World content simply by logging in during the release window for the episode.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Staff Writer

Often reminiscing about the 'good old days'. Simon has almost perfected his plan to enter the Speed Force and alter the timeline.

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