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Guts and Glory Releases from Early Access

Remember Happy Wheels? Ever wanted it in 3D? Well, here it is, and it's available now in the form of Guts and Glory.

For the uninitiated, Happy Wheels was (and actually, still is) a browser based side-scroller, which sees you taking control of one of many different characters and trying not to get their limbs hacked off through various challenging levels. Who can forget the giant fork taking your child away in the Taken level...

If you watch the trailer above, you can see where the inspiration has come from for Guts and Glory. Just like Happy Wheels, you'll take control of one of a variety of characters with a simple aim: make it to the end. You'll have top evade blades, spikes, traffic, turrets, or even giant golf balls.

Fancy some hectic action? Check out the trailer above to get your heart racing. Guts and Glory is available now on Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So everything basically.

James Martin

James Martin

Staff Writer

IT technician by trade. Probably running around turning everything on and off again.

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