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Harvest Moon: One World Launches on Switch

Grow your farm, explore vibrant lands and settle down with that special someone in Harvest Moon: One World, out now for the Switch. The latest entry in the long-running farming life-sim series is also its largest, spanning deserts, snowy mountains, rocky volcano plains and lush meadows. Unique to this entry, and assuredly due to the wide array of unique environments, players will be able to pack up and relocate their farm with ease, giving the game a distinct nomadic flavour.

Harvest Moon: One World thrusts players into a land in which the Harvest Goddess, Queen of the crops, has vanished. Along with her, all knowledge of farming, agriculture and animal husbandry has been forgotten. It's up to the player to recover that knowledge, hidden within Harvest Wisps strewn throughout the land. They won't do it alone, of course: they'll have their partner with them, chosen from a pool of 10 distinct bachelors and bachelorettes.

Check out the launch trailer above for a closer look at the gameplay of this latest Harvest Moon game.

Harvest Moon: One World is out now for the Switch.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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