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Hear That Dragon Roar in the Upcoming Lunar Event in Deep Rock Galactic

Hear That Dragon Roar in the Upcoming Lunar Event in Deep Rock Galactic

The Ghost Ship Games crew are back with another celebratory event! This time, the Deep Rock Galactic miners will be clinking their mugs to ring in the Year of the Dragon. Featuring in the event are cosmetics, collectibles, and even more HATS! Let's hope these don't melt our CPUs.


To begin with, the new hat miners can acquire, titled Enter the Dragon, features a movable jaw, wobbly whiskers, and even googly eyes for your wearing pleasure. To acquire this cornerstone of millinery mastery, you simply have to complete the seasonal assignment! In addition to the new hat, miners also have the chance to snag the unique hats of the previous two years by completing the Last Year's Blessing assignment.

If hunting hats isn't your cup of tea, you can also keep an eye out for special Lunar Festive Dragons in the crevasses and cracks of the planet. Find and dig up one of these ornaments and receive double mission performance points!

Finally, it wouldn't be a festive event if the Spare Rig didn't do something special! This time around, your lovely home between missions has been filled with festive banners, lanterns, charms, and, of course, firecrackers. Don't shoot any eyes out now!

The Deep Rock Galactic Lunar Festival is set to start on 1st February 12pm GMT and runs until 15th February.

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