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Hearts of Iron IV Celebrates Birthday, One Million Units Sold

Hearts of Iron IV Celebrates Birthday, One Million Units Sold

Paradox Studios recently dropped a boatload of announcements on its fans, and one of particular interest to Hearts of Iron fans is the upcoming release of an Anniversary Edition of the fourth installment of the series: Hearts of Iron IV, which recently celebrated not only its second anniversary but also one million total sales.

Not only will the special edition will come with the base game and the new Man the Guns expansion, but it also comes with a special, collector's edition historical diorama from Power Up Factory, the "experts of game memorabilia." The diorama details an alternate history, with the Italian Army occupying the ruins of London. 

"When we released the game, we didn't know it was going to be such a success,” says Dan Lind, Game Director for Hearts of Iron IV. “We did not dare make a big physical collector’s edition. It feels great to be able to make something like that now - both as Game Director and as someone who loves miniatures!"

The anniversary edition carries a $169.99 price tag ($179.99 for those who want the to bundle the game's three other expansions, Walking the Tiger, Death or Dishonor, and Together for Victory along with the base game and Man the Guns) and will be available for purchase between 18th May and 18th June, 2018. While the game and expansions will be delivered via steam, the special diorama will ship this winter.

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Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

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