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HELLDIVERS Gets A Free Weekend And Content Patch

HELLDIVERS Gets A Free Weekend And Content Patch

It is Liberty Day, that magic time of the year where citizens everywhere rejoice freedom and the spread of managed democracy. To commemorate this special day, HELLDIVERS' developer Arrowhead has released a free patch adding three new stratagems to the game across all platforms, as well as rolling out a free weekend on PC.

Stratagems are a wide variety of ordnance and equipment, deployed from orbit to assist Helldiver troops during a ground invasion. The base game and DLC's give players over 50 different options of stratagems to call in during missions, and the 2017 Liberty Day patch adds three more to the list:

  • Heavy Strafing Run: An Eagle fighter jet armed with a 25 mm chain gun strafes the area. The heavy rounds explode on impact, making it far more potent than the regular Strafing Run.
  • A/GL-8 Launcher Turret: The A/GL-8 Launcher Turret is the latest development in automated sentry technology. Launching the same rounds as the Obliterator, it has immense firepower and shoots over obstacles.
  • ‘Thunderer’ Smoke Round: A single round of smoke is fired from a nearby ‘Thunderer’ artillery emplacement. The smoke will cover a small area for a short while and block all line of sight.

stratagem turret grenade launcher

Twice a year, on its launch anniversary and on Liberty Day, HELLDIVERS gets a free content patch. If you're wondering what 26th of October -- aka Liberty Day -- is all about, it is the date of publication of the first chapter of the Starship Troopers novel, later turned into a fantastic movie which served as a huge source of inspiration for HELLDIVERS. In-game, it is a special date commemorated as the day Managed Democracy became a thing and all of Super Earth came under one rule.

Besides the free content patch, Arrowhead is also hosting a very sudden AMA on Reddit, a free weekend from 26-30th of October, and a small competition giving out Helldiver trinkets. You can read more about it here.

HELLDIVERS is out now on Steam, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita.


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Marcello Perricone

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