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Herald the Zealot of War in the Torchlight: Infinite Clockwork Ballet Trailer!

The latest season, Season 5, of Torchlight: Infinite is kicking off with the biggest update the game has seen so far, featuring optimisation, a new hero trait, and much more! With an emphasis on player experience, this season is set to make the game enjoyable no matter where you decide to play!


The new Hero Trait on the scene is the Zealot of War. Carino, now embittered and filled with vengeance, can transform into a Gatling gun to vent his fury on any and all enemies, complete with a darker, edgier, and more mechanical look. In addition to this rapid-fire rogue, the new update adds Legendary Gear Crafting, allowing players to fix up some affixes to their gear. Strange dolls have also started appearing around the land, offering both possibilities and challenges in equal measure. Finally, new Legendary Equipment and Pactspirits have been added to be found and used, along with much more yet to be announced!

Torchlight: Infinite Season 5, Clockwork Ballet, is live now!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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