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Hide and Shriek Now Free To Play

Hide and Shriek was released by Funcom last year for Halloween and is making a return this year by going free to play on Steam.

This first-person, 1Vs1 scare‘em up, pits two magical students from Little Springs High in a time honoured tradition of turning themselves invisible and scaring each other half to death. Use over 30 spells to spook your opponent, set booby-traps and even summon a demon to chase them. There are a wealth of scary masks to collect and use ranging from ghosts and ghouls, to famous presidential figures such as Donald Trump (now that's truly chilling)!

Hide and Shriek was an experimental project for Funcom for the developers to get to grips with the Unreal Engine and it became a hit among streamers and content creators last Halloween.

“It was a smaller-scale project that allowed our North Carolina studio to get to grips with the Unreal Engine, but it also became quite a hit among the players who jumped in when we released it during last year’s Halloween. Our hope is that by now going free to play there will be many more gamers to play with, making it easier to quickly find and get into one-vs-one multiplayer matches”

- Scott Junior, Executive Producer

Hide and Shriek is available now on Steam and free to play so go and get your scare on this Halloween.

Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Social Manager

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NikholaiChan - 12:12pm, 23rd October 2017

I need to play this!!!

LittleBigBoots - 02:43pm, 23rd October 2017 Author

Its on the list for games I'm playing on Halloween!