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Humble Bundle's First Humble Brag Presentation Shows Off Their 2020 Game Lineup

With the COVID-19 outbreak cancelling or postponing most gaming events, it makes sense for publishers to announce their games through digital presentations instead. Today, Humble Bundle showed off their upcoming releases for the year. However, other than One Step From Eden, none of the announced games received a firm release date.

The games, their current release window and announced platforms are:

  • One Step From Eden 26th March 2020 PC/Switch
  • Fae Tactics Spring 2020 PC/Switch
  • Wildfire 2020 PC
  • Ambition: A Minuet in Power PC 2020
  • Prodeus 2020 PC/Switch/PS4/Xbox One
  • Ring of Pain 2020 PC
  • The Iron Oath 2020 PC

It's a strong lineup of games for Humble Bundle, though all titles shown in the short presentation had already been revealed beforehand. Expect more information on each of these games, including release dates, later in the year.



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