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Humble Jumbo Bundle 3

Humble Jumbo Bundle 3

A mixture of big titles from detecting to racing through simulation, up to defending the world from alien invasion as the President of the United States. Humble have brought out a bunch for the third Jumbo Bundle, supporting Save the Children and Charity: Water.

For $1 you get:

  • Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure - A first-person adventure featuring a hard-boiled detective set in the future. Also the soundtrack.
  • Always Sometimes Monsters - We reviewed this RPG here.  You also get the soundtrack.
  • 4 x Insurgency - Fight an FPS war in the Middle-East, as we reviewed here. Why four? We'll explain further down.

Beating the average price (currently $5.49) to also get:

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Drive a big rig around Europe, making deliveries.
  • Blackguards - Strategy-based RPG where you play the bad guys - who have to save the world. As we reviewed here. And you get the soundtrack.
  • GRID 2 - Racing, what more can you ask for?

Pay $12 or more for:

For a free copy of Full Mojo Rampage, you need to give away the three other copies of Insurgency. If one of your friends redeems it before 9th December, you get Full Mojo Rampage along with the soundtrack.

Grab this bundle here, in the next two weeks.

Humble Jumbo 3 games

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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