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Humble Monthly Reveal Early Unlocks for December

Humble Monthly Reveal Early Unlocks for December

Humble have revealed the early unlocks for the December edition of the Humble Monthly bundle! 

In case you were wondering, Humble Monthly is a curated bundle of games delivering over $100 worth of games for just $12 a month, with 5% going to charity! Keep the games even if you cancel, but while you're subscribed you also get up to 20% off Humble Store purchases and exclusive access to the Humble Trove of over 60 DRM-free games!

So, coming in December - but available now if you subscribe - are the following early unlocks:

On the 6th of December you'll be able to claim a bunch more games, but if you wait to  subscribe on the 6th of December you'll miss out on these titles!

Head over here to become a Humble Monthly subscriber!

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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