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Humble Weekly Extra Credits Bundle

Humble Weekly Extra Credits Bundle

Punching, platforming and card games make up these titles chosen by YouTubers Extra Credits.

A single $1 gets you Enemy Mind, Two Brothers and One Finger Death Punch. You also get the soundtracks for the first two, as well as a prequel comic of Two Brothers.

Beat the average price (currently almost $8) to also get Master Reboot and Stick it to The Man! and the soundtrack to Master Reboot.

$15 or more, you'll also get Ether One Deluxe Edition and the Early Access card game Hand of Fate. Ether One Deluxe Edition comes with the soundtrack, screenplay, some comics, digital artwork, wallpapers and additional concept art.

Grab the bundle here and support the American Red Cross and Child's Play Charity.

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Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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