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I am Your Lawyer Announcement Trailer

Games Incubator, part of the PlayWay Group, announces I am Your Lawyer, a game where you play the role of a lawyer. Your task is to represent your clients in court. You have to defend the innocent, the harmless, and the shady.

To dispel doubts, immerse yourself in the case files and analyze the course of events step by step. Speak with your client - find out where he was on the day of the crime. You have a range of tools at your disposal such as audio recordings, crime scene photos, fingerprints, etc. to get to the truth. The interrogation will lead you to interesting, unexplored details of the case.

I am Your Lawyer currently has no set release date, but will launch on Steam at some unspecified time in the future.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

Staff Writer

Just a guy that loves to write :)

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