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Kickstarter Game of Note: Luckless Seven

Kickstarter Game of Note: Luckless Seven

Every game we play doesn't always have to be a gigantic open world RPG or a hyper-competitive multiplayer. Sometimes its nice to relax with a game with a interesting story or a simple but rewarding game mechanic, Luckless Seven is one of those games.

What we have here is a story driven card game inspired by the mini game Pazaak from the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games.

For those who don't know, Pazaak was a numbers based cards game where you used your hand of cards to get close to twenty without going over. The story follows the main character Mark on a journey to defeat different casino qualifying tournaments.

As you play the card game mark interacts with the people around him to advance the story. This leads to unlocking new and more powerful cards as well as the path mark will take in his story.

While it has a simple mechanic it should be a relaxing experience for people. Folks still have time to donate to the Kickstarter here.

Julian Matthew Martinez

Julian Matthew Martinez

News Reporter

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