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Killer7 Coming to PC

At the weekend just past at MomoCon, Grasshopper Manufacture announced that Killer7 will be getting a re-release later this year on PC.

It was confirmed that this won't be a remaster, but rather a port from the original PS2 and GameCube versions that released in 2005. How the game will be presented has not been fully detailed, although there are some screenshots on the Steam page (which is already up) showing what looks to be a 4:3 aspect ratio.

You won't need to dig out any controllers however, as it'll come with full mouse and keyboard integration. There was an indication earlier in the year that a remaster may be on the horizon for Killer7 for all modern platforms, but this has not been confirmed. This re-release may be testing the waters for that.

There's a short trailer above to remind you of what to expect. Killer7 is expected sometime in August, only on PC.

James Martin

James Martin

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dominoid - 02:01pm, 31st May 2018

I still haven't got round to actually playing the gamecube one!