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Kingdom Come Devs Reveal New DLC, From the Ashes

Kingdom Come: Deliverance wooed fans with its down-to-earth and more realistic approach to the traditional medeival RPG. Hurling players into the heart of conflict in medeival Bohemia, there's no magic, no flashy moves, no epic armor sets. It's just you and Henry versus the invading hordes.

Kingdom Come has been generally well-received by fans (you can read Game Grin's review here) and it will come as surprise to very few people that German developers Warhorse Studio are looking to expand the experience with the game's first DLC: From the Ashes

In this new DLC, players will be put in charge of a new township in the middle of the harsh wilderness. Starting from nothing, Henry will take on the role of baliff and decide just how to get things started, deciding what to build (and upgrade), managing finances, and mediating disputes as they inevitably arise. Players will even be able to seek out and hire prominent NPCs to live in their village.

The new DLC, which is available now, runs 7,99£ ($9.99) and is available on all platforms that the base game is on.


Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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